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Jayden Robert McKenzie

                     Jayden Robert McKenzie was born on August 21st, 2007 to his mother Charlotte Ouellette and his father Mark McKenzie. Jayden weighed 7 lbs. and 13oz. and was 20 and a half inches long. Jayden was twin to Cassie Anne would was still born. Jayden’s mother made sure she told Jayden that his twin sister is his little guardian angel watching him grow every day.

                     When Jayden was born, he was born with a tied tongue. The tip of his tongue was attached to the pallet of his mouth. When he was 3 months old a doctor repair his tied tongue. From a young age Jayden was a very easy-going child. Jayden loved playing with his 6-month older cousin Emma. Jayden was very protective of his cousin Emma. Jayden was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder(Click Here to learn more) at the age of a year and a half. Since Jayden was 2 years old he had this strange habit of pretending he was a bus. Jayden felt safe being a bus no one could control him tell him he was too small. On March 22nd, 2010 Jayden’s little sister Mildred was born. He loved having a little sister that he could pretend to help his mother take care of. Jayden would sing to Millie all the time and make silly faces at her when Mildred needed to take a breathing treatment. Life was good until the summer of 2011, when Jayden’s heart broke for the first time. Jayden’s cousin Emma was moving to Florida with her family and he did not know if he would ever see her again. It took Jayden two weeks to stop crying every time he thought about her and 2 months until he could manage to skype talk to, because seeing her made the sorrow come back full force and would just want to cry. The reason Jayden felt so strongly about Emma is she was like a sister to him. She was his best friend and someone no matter what would be there for him as he was for her. Yes, Jayden had Mildred, but Emma and Jayden were so similar that you would have thought they were twins.

                     On December 10th, 2011 Jayden life turned from sad and stressful to full of joy. Jayden’s mother friend named Raymond moved in. Jayden found Raymond to be awesome and caring. Raymond never yelled at him and praised him when he did good things. Jayden was even happier when his mother and Raymond asked him if he minded if they got married. On February 14th, 2012 Jayden’s mother and her friend Raymond got married. Shortly after Jayden’s mother and her friend got married Jayden asked Raymond if he could call him daddy. Jayden felt that Raymond loved him and would always be there for him when he needed him. Raymond told Jayden of course he could if he wanted to. From that day Jayden called Raymond daddy. Jayden started Kindergarten in the fall of 2012, he was beyond excited to start going to school and grow. Jayden sadly noticed he was the smallest in his class and people teased him and called him a baby and said he should not be in school. On top of being teased Jayden found it hard to stay focused in school. Jayden had so many thoughts going through his head all it once it caused him to by shy because he did not want to look stupid in front of his classmates. Jayden then started envisioning himself as a cheetah. To Jayden cheetahs are fast, they are great protectors of their young and they are good at keeping themselves hidden. On January 23rd, 2013 Jayden was blessed with another little sister named Zoe. Zoe was special to Jayden because she reminded him so much of Emma. Like Emma Jayden wanted to protect her and love her more than anything in the world. On June 24th, 2013 Jayden was devastated when the Department of Child and Family services removed him and his 2 sisters from his mother and new father. Jayden could not understand why the Department of Children and Family service worker lied to him. The worker promised Jayden that they were only there to help his mother and father with something that happened. The worker took him in the other room to ask him questions about his parents. Jayden explained that his mother and father loved them and never hit him, but when he was bad they would put him in time out. The worker promised Jayden nothing bad would happen and not to be scared. Then an hour later the work told Jayden he had to leave the house with her and could not stay with his mother and father. Jayden ran to his mother pleading to her not to make him go. Jayden did not want to lose his mother who always protected and loved him. He screamed the entire way down the 3 flights of stairs. Later the worker explained to Jayden that him and his sisters were removed, because Mildred had said daddy hit her. Jayden was confused, because daddy never hit anyone. Jayden knew Mildred barely talks and was so angry that she lied to these people and they took them away. Jayden got angry at the workers because they would not believe his mother and father would not do that to them. Jayden was scared for Zoe because Zoe was not with his mother and father and not with him. When Jayden asked the worker told him that Zoe was in another foster home. Jayden got more upset because he did not want Zoe to forget him and Mildred. Sadly, there was nothing for him to do. Jayden and his sisters only saw their mother and father twice for an hour for the month they were removed from their parents. When he saw his parents, he begged and pleaded to come home, promising to be a good boy and would give up anything so he could come home. Jayden and his 2 sisters came back home on July 22nd, 2013. Once Jayden was back home he was so scared that someone would lie again and take him from his family. He did not want to go anywhere without his mother. It took Jayden 6 months to overcome his fear and even now Jayden often worries about being taken away.

                     In March of 2015 Jayden and his family moved to Orlando, Florida. Jayden was excited about the move, because they were going to be living near his cousin Emma. When Jayden got to Florida he was excited, because it was summer all the time and he would be attending the same school as his cousin Emma. Sadly, Emma was a year behind him, but he was happy none the less to know he would be near his true best friend. While he attended Fern Creek Elementary he made a friend Cole. Cole encouraged him to join Cub Scouts. Jayden was motivated to try something new out and hoped the other people in Cub Scouts would like him. Being in Pack 63 in Orlando, Florida was one of the best things that happened in his short life. People liked him in Pack 63 and encouraged him to keep up the good work he was doing. Unfortunately, Jayden and his family had to move from Orlando, Florida and come back to Massachusetts. Jayden was very sad to leave his new friends and most of all his cousin Emma, but he understood that there was no choice in the matter and at least he had his family. On February 5th, 2016 Jayden and his family moved back to Lowell, Massachusetts. Jayden Started mid-year at Center Elementary in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and stayed there until June of 2016. While attending 3rd grade at Center Elementary School Jayden was diagnosed with ADHD (Click Here to learn more) and was put on medication to help him to be able to focus better at school. Jayden was so thankful for this diagnosis, because he hated feeling all over the place and not being able to pay attention. Once on the medicine Jayden noticed he could enjoy learning and found out that he loved learning math. In June of 2016 Jayden and his sister Mildred transferred to Bartlett community Partnership School. Jayden was getting tired of the constant change and having to start all over again with making friends. At the Bartlett it was like any other school, but when 4th grade started it went from good too bad. Jayden was bullied and teased, but Jayden did not want to tell on anyone, because he just wanted to make friends and not feel alone. Students called Jayden pre-Ker and Caillou. The students called him poor boy and ugly. This hurt Jayden, but the need to be accepted was greater. Until one-day Jayden got mad, because a person who Jayden thought was a friend started teasing him on the school bus. Jayden lost his calm and shoved the student and tried to hit him. After it happened Jayden felt scared and horrible for doing what he did. The school principal called and told Jayden’s mother, that Jayden would have to be suspended. Jayden thought he was going to be expelled from school not suspended. Jayden did not deny what he did and had true remorse for what he did. After Jayden went back to school teasing got worse, because people teased Jayden said he fought like a baby and should not be in 4th grade. There were more instances of bullying at school and Jayden knew he should do something or tell someone, but he figured what’s the point, when Jayden did, nothing was done and the student would lie and tried to play it off like Jayden misunderstood their actions. At the end of 4th grade Jayden mother told him that he would not have to attend Bartlett Community Partnership School anymore that they would send him to another school. Jayden at first did not want to go to another school just to have to deal with the same stuff and must try to make new friends all over again. Days before Jayden started 5th grade his mother told him that he will be attending the Saint Louis School. The first day of school for him was amazing, but strange at the same time. It was strange, because he had to wear a school uniform, but awesome because people were kind to him and interact with him. Jayden was thankful that his mother friend Martha helped pay for him to go to this school. Jayden felt this would be an actual fresh start. Students did not judge him, and they thought he was a nice person. On the first day he made 3 friends, that’s the most he has had in one school. Since then Jayden has done Junior Varsity Cross Country. Jayden loves to run and challenge himself to move forward and succeed. Jayden has pride in himself for the first time and wants to continue to show himself that he is someone, just like everyone else. This winter Jayden is going to do Junior Varsity Basketball. To learn more about Jayden and his family, please go to the family about page, by Clicking Here.